2/19 Class Activity: Typography

The two words I portrayed were “anger” and “punk or indie.” The first was obviously an emotion, the second was an identity.

For the first we were told we could use color, so I immediately chose a bright red. I chose a military-style font in large, all capital letters. I then made the text 3D so that it seemed to be projecting out into the viewer’s space.  All of the viewers except one guessed “anger.” Only one guessed fear, but I could definitely understand why.

“Punk or indie,” however, was a different matter. I’ve always associated being “indie” with being a bit nostalgic, or at least appreciating vintage style, so I chose a vintage style font accordingly. I also used all capitols and an unorthodox placement on the screen. However, I think the nuance of these choices were lost on most of the viewers, who chose either “childish” or “old.” I think this is more of a result of their not understanding the themes behind punk and indie culture rather than my aesthetic choices.


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